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Alcohol death sentence 

Alcohol is often used to have fun or “turn up” at parties, get away from stress and some of us are just addicted. I don’t think it’s a mistake that it’s a liquor store in almost every hood across America on every corner. We must have knowledge of what we are putting in our bodies or else we are sentencing ourselves to death. 

Alcohol abuse is usually started at an early age, used as a way to have fun and live up the party, but we are putting ourselves in a dangerous position. Self improvement is the basis of community development and if we don’t focus on handling our problems head on it will be difficult for us to move forward, and the alcohol is what helps us escape our problems. The thing about alcohol is even though we might escape our problems while we are drunk or “tipsy” those problems are not healed and they will come back which will lead us to drink more and more. 

Statistics show that an average of 6 people die a day die of alcohol poisoning in the United States and 76% of those happen to adults between the ages of 35-64. 

Approximately 10,000 people were killed and over 290,000 injured last year from drunk driving. Let’s all strive to put the bottles down and live a righteous life. We can still have fun without getting drunk, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said the greatest joy is visioning something in our minds and working to make in manifestin the flesh. Maybe if we strive to become producers and chase our goals and dreams we’ll be motivated and too busy to pick up the bottle. 

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