Does the Nation Of Islam carry weapons?

As we all know by now more killing has gone national, making more of us aware of what’s going on in different cities with the police and our people. Recently many white Americans and news media sites has been trying to pin officer police killings on the Nation of Islam. However, the Fruit of Islam and all members of the Nation Of Islam are known for not carrying weapons, matter of fact the Honorable Elijah Muhammad instructed not to even carry as much as a penknife. Refer to the videos below that occurred these events started to happen.

About two weeks ago in Dallas, TX Micah XAVIER Johnson was accused of being the guy who used a sniper to kill Dallas police downtown. They are said to have used a robot bomb to blow him up, BUT ironically just like 9/11 with the so-called “Muslims” his ID was left behind not damaged. I capitalized XAVIER because news outlets and journalist has cut his name down to Micah X to cause suspension about him being in the Nation of Islam because registered members of the Nation of Islam get the last name X because we have slave masters names. However in their attempt to discredit the Nation of Islam, the people did not fall for it… many of our people were defending the Nation of Islam because they are known to have a peaceful and protecting rep.

Most recently another guy by the name of Gavin Long killed three police officers in Baton Rouge and yet again news sites and reporters had to stick “Nation of Islam” in the picture.

Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ On YouTube Channel what’s interesting is that those news sites decided not to highlight that BOTH of the shooters were in the Military. There’s a bit of truth in the second case, Gavin Long WAS in the Nation of Islam and fortunately he made a video explaining he isn’t apart of ANY of the organizations ironically that the news outlets said he was apart of. “Black lives matter” and “Nation of Islam” Watch the video below.

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