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WATCH: Native American Peace & Dignity Journeys

According to their facebook page, “Peace and Dignity journeys are ceremonial runs that connect all participants to Indigenous
Communities rich in ancient wisdom and traditions.” While at the Pan African Connection  in Oak Cliff I saw them rolling up their staffs.

“Blankets carefully cradle the rows and rows of sacred staffs lining the room at the Indian Avenue Baptist Church on the edge of Haskell campus. Runners with Peace and Dignity Journeys have been entrusted with the prayers connected to the staffs by the many Indigenous communities who have hosted the group along their path from Chickaloon, Alaska to Lawrence, KS over the last few months.” – The Indian Leader

I was able to talk with one of the guys for a minute before they left to get deeper insight on why they did the run and he gave history on the journeys and the history of white supremacy on their people. Full video below.

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