How to make money on Youtube


If you want to make money on Youtube the first thing you have to understand is that it may not happen overnight. You have to choose something that you are passionate about and love because branding takes time. You remember when people use to ask “what’s something that you would do everyday without getting paid”. Whatever that is that’s what you need to talk about. It can be something you want to teach, a problem you want to solve or if you’re building a personal brand it can simply be your life(Vlogs). It took me 5 years to earn $105 on youtube, but the benefit that you have i’m going to show you how to speed that process up MANY YEARS lol. If I would have known what I know now back then I would definitely be making over at least $2,000 a month right now, but that’s what growth is all about right? A KEY component to making consistent money on youtube is being CONSISTENT with your content. You have to post frequently because when you do, you begin to grow an audience that’s interested in what you post and like Tv shows such as “Power” and “Empire” people will look forward to your next episode.

Below i’m going to show you my proof, because I don’t want to be that guy who’s trying to teach you something i’ve never done. I use to hate those type of basketball coaches :).


I’m currently making $400-$900 a month PART TIME. I made about 4 or 5 videos this month due to me trying to set up my other business ideas but because my video about Donald Trump got over 70,000 views I made over $700 in estimated revenue.


I’m giving away my techniques and knowledge that i’ve learned over the years FOR FREE, I was going to charge but i’m more interested in reaching as many people as possible so i’m going to require you to share my post with your friends and family and facebook/twitter so I can continue to grow my audience and help more win with youtube, because it’s too much money to make and you can make it talking about ANYTHING. Below I have the free information on how to grow your channel and make money and I also included a VIP opportunity for you to become my client for the agency i’m starting. I’ll be personally helping you build your personal brand one on one. That will include setting up your channel, texting/emailing you current event topics for you to do a video on so it can go viral, counseling you with strategies and more.









  1. So, I’ve wanted to make money via YouTube….. I mean I’m on it all the time!! So, I guess it would be helpful to know how!!!

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