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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke on birth control in his book Message to the Blackman In America. We must realize that there is a depopulation plan in place to take us off the planet, of course they will fail at doing that but in the process they are working night and day to take as many away as they can. One of the ways they are doing so is birth control, which is why you see planned parenthood popping up in the hood now. In the book there is a chapter called “Birth Control Death Plan!” which reads,

” I warn you my people and especially the women. Be aware of the tricks the devils are using to instill the idea of a false birth control in their clinics and hospitals STERILIZATION IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL, BUT THE END OF ALL POSSIBILITY TO BEAR CHILDREN. The example of the clinic in Fauquier County, Virginia, where poor and helpless black mothers are pressured into accepting sterilization is certainly not confined to that clinic alone. It would be better to do as many African and Asian husbands and wives have done, to take care of these matters yourselves rather than rely on such treachery and deceitful counsel.

I say beware of being trapped into the kind of disgraceful birth control laws now aimed almost exclusively at poor, helpless black peoples who have no one to rely on. Who wants a sterile woman? No man wants a non-productive woman. Though he may not want children for a time, he does want a woman who cannot produce a child if he changes his mind. Using birth control for a social purpose is a sin.

Using the birth control law against production of human beings is a sin that Allah (God) is against and for which he will punish the guilty on the day of Judgement. Both the Bible and Holy Qur’ans teachings are against birth control. So you and I, too, should be against it. The white race is a race that was produced by using birth control law, says God to me. Do not accept this death plan of the devils to destroy, and keep from being a people.

According to ABC7 “Two months ago, Jordan Ward nearly died. The 26-year-old — busy with work and wedding planning — was suffering from headaches, blurred, vision, vomiting and nausea.

“Honestly, I was just very overwhelmed with a tension headache,” she said.

She refused to see a doctor until her fiancee forced her to go the emergency room. Doctors thought she had migraines and sent her home, but the symptoms persisted.

The couple returned the next day. A CAT scan revealed something Ward couldn’t believe.

She suffered a kind of stroke, where a large clot blocked a network of veins in her brain.

“When I did get the news, I was in shock. I’m 26 years old,” Ward said.

The cause? Oral contraceptives.

Dr. George Teitelbaum, the medical director of the Providence Neurovascular Center, said oral contraceptives containing hormones raise the risk for dangerous blood clots, especially if a woman smokes, which Ward did.

“The brain swelling can become severe enough that somebody can be thrown into a coma. They can even die from this,” Teitelbaum said.

Teitelbaum and his team removed the clot during an endovascular procedure. Eight days later, Jordan left the hospital without any neurological effects.

She credits her fiance’s persistence for saving her life. Their June wedding is going on as planned.

“I’m so thankful for so many things, but especially for the fact that I still get to marry the man of my dreams,” Ward said.

Ward urges all women who take birth control pills to talk to their doctor to understand their risks.

“I would just want people to really read those label signs. Listen, dig deeper, try to gain an understanding, because you could save your own life,” she said.

Teitelbaum recommends avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol and making a conscious effort to stay hydrated.

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