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Min. Louis Farrakhan says Islam DID NOT begin with Prophet Muhammad

Many have attempted to say the Nation of Islam is wrong in saying that Arabic is the original language. While scrolling down my timeline I found a post by brother Clayton X who breaks it down in detail below.

“Why did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say the Arabic language (and the other Semitic languages such as Hebrew etc) are the ORIGINAL tongue of the Aboriginal people? Did we not have many other languages and dialects? I thought that’s why the god 66 trillion yrs ago blew up the planet? Does this contradict that? Well the Arabic language is literally rooted in numbers and mathematics. The Arabic language was the language of the wise Imams or 24 Scientists or elders (we are descendants of One of the twelve major God scientists named shabazz). Only the wises of gods spoke and communicated in this language. It didn’t become developed among the people until within this span from year One over 15,000 yrs ago. These godly language would appear as “Semitic” languages for the public particularly within the last 5,000 to 10,000 yrs.

Despite Eurocentric and Afrocentric claims that the Arabic language originated with Prophet Muhammad and that the language is a AD language.. Historical research says otherwise. University of Michigan professor Emeritus George Mendenhall, one of the world’s leading authorities on the Near East and near Eastern languages, notes that:

“Arabic could not be a gift of the Prophet Muhammad, as many Islamic clerics claim, since it’s ORIGINS are in the early Bronze Age,” over 3,000 yrs before Muhammad.

Mendenhall has identified the “earliest identifiable Arabic speaking group” as the Midianites, an important political entity that came into existence suddenly in the 13th century BCE in northwest Arabia. This highly sophisticated spoke a language which is an archaic ancestor of modern Arabic (source, Arabic in Semitic linguistic History).

This is significant because, as David Goldenberg affirms: “Kush is the ancient name of midian.” These Midianites, the earliest identifiable Arabic speaking social group, are documented as Kushite tribe. (Source.. David Goldenberg’s book “Curse of ham”).”

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