Minister Louis Farrakhan responds to being called a fraud

Questions and answers from the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s twitter book:
Question: How do you feel about being a fraud and being found out and nobody cares about the Nation of Islam anymore?
Farrakhan’s reply: You don’t have to worry about frauds because usually end up in a dustbin of history. In time you will see that the real God is represented by the Nation of Islam and its Leadership.


Oft times people call “fraud” go black leaders because they’ve been around for a while but there’s been no change. In my opinion it’s not on the leaders to make a change for EVERYONE it’s on the leader to lead by example and give the knowledge, wisdom and understanding down to the followers. For our condition to change we must FIRST change our minds because if the leaders do what they are asked to do what will happen if we aren’t ready for it? If a leader put a mansion in the hood for everyone to stay if the people aren’t developed mentally they will tear the mansion up and those goes for restaurants, land etc. Although Minister Louis Farrakhan’s job is to deliver the message he sacrificed his own money to start the final call newspaper, to buy back the books of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, buy back the land, by back T.H.E.M’s home and much more we don’t see. 

The Minister has countless lectures, books and DVDs warning us about the government, warning us about coming together while giving us his example to prove if we just apply the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad we’ll be successful. So in my opinion the frauds are the people attempting to “expose” him but have no works to compare to what he’s done. 

Brother Ben X 


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