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Is THIS why males are wearing Rompers?? “Feminizing” ( Dr. Wesley Muhammad )

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  1. This Brother is not lieing. ….weed…Alcohol…pills…shorting coke…free base…all of do make a man softer and acceptance to rape…this is why I wrote in my book be careful getting high it alters your thinking. .crack has made our men weak…one crackhead said I NEVER SUCKER A MAN DICK…BUT I LET A MAN SUCH ME…He said ” it took me in a whirl wing ..not only do I smoke crack but am I now a faget??..I don’t know! !! And I won’t know until I get me back!!” (Meaning until I get off crack) I seen this on a documentary from Atlanta called Crack Head Gone Wild….one man butt naked running around saying “crack head gone wild”…..I was hurt to see this but that made it to make people get of or never use crack…I’m Jazzy Red Talk Show.(TV)….Mobile Alabama. ..ask Mrs S. Ali (the Author of. .The Black Man’s Guide To Understanding The Black Woman…I’m brought her to Mobile Alabama to speak….Jazzy Red peace out! !!

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