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If The Black Man Is God, Who Do We PRAY TO?

Nuri Muhammad 

“The way we build up the God in us is by feeding on the word and way of the Supreme Being the perfect God outside of us. So we have to pray, but when we pray we’re not balling up a request and throwing up in outer space for a ghost to answer, when we pray we are making a petition to the Supreme Being and we are asking him by our communication with him “I want to active you God and i’m asking you to activate in ME the force and power of my being that I in concert with you can be the answer of my own prayers


  1. Brother Ben This may not mean much because I’m of no significance I’m just a Black man that loves the Teaching of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and follow the lead of our Leader the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.
    Brother I am so impressed with what you are doing. You are a testament to pushing the program and proving to all the nay-Sayers that ” it works if you work it” I personally thank you for being a positive example to all the young Fruit that may think that all they can be in “The Natio”n is a paper boy. May Allah Continue to bless and keep you and your family at Peace and under The Umbrella of His Divine Protection. AsSalam Alaikum!

  2. God lives in us not somewhere, that’s why it was written that our ancestors where called gods. When you pray, you re-charge the energy in you. The spirit in you

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