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Elijah Muhammad Answers: How Did W.D. Fard Muhammad become Allah? Who Was Allah Before Him?

Questions: Since we have been on the Planet 66 trillions years and Master W.D. Fard Muhammad is only 70 years old, then He was not yet born at the time of Jesus’ birth.
1. Who was ALLAH before M.D. Fard Muhammad?
2. How did W.D. Fard Muhammad come to be ALLAH, THE SUPREME BEING?
3. Who was ALLAH when Jesus was born?
Answer in short as given by Our Apostle, Mr. Elijah Muhammad as of 8/21/47
First, our being on the Planet Earth is not known in years, we have no beginning or ending, meaning our Nation. The sixty-six (66) trillion years that we have been taught is the time since our departure from the moon, and not the beginning of us. MASTER W.D. FARD MUHAMMAD is only seventy (70) years old, and was not born before the time of Jesus is true. Now How Did He Come to be ALLAH? First, we all are ALLAH, but MASTER W.D. FARD MUHAMMAD is SUPREME over all of us is referred to all times as the SUPREME BEING. He is SUPREME over all other beings, because HIS WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING and POWER to destroy and reproduce and create another Universe or make a people, makes HIM GREATER than all, and is WISER than those before HIM even He who created this Universe, because this ONE is able to reproduce or destroy it, or bring in one better, so says the Holy Qur-an. Who was ALLAH before MASTER W.D. FARD MUHAMMAD was born? Who was ALLAH when Jesus was born? Now there are twelve (12) Imams or Scientists, who have been ruling all the time, and one of the twelve is always greater than the other eleven (11), but the God of this world before the birth of Jesus and up until 1877 was Yacub. That means that the God of this world, Yacub, although he lived only 152 years, has ruled for the last six thousand (6,000) years; therefore, he was in power when Jesus was born, and that is why Jesus wasn’t able to set up His Kingdom, because the wicked God’s time was not up. A people who have been taught that the SUPREME BEING is other than a Being, something spooky-like, it is not so easy for them to see out of that dark and ignorant teaching into reality.
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