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Rally In Front Of The NFL Headquarters To Support Colin Kaepernick

In support of Colin Kaepernick several people came out to rally in front of the NFL to support Colin Kaepernick. Many have taken the stance that if he can sit for us we can stand up for him. As I checked Colin Kaepernick’s twitter he showed much gratitude for what the people did for him.

Below is video from the rally held at NFL headquarters.

I’m proud to see brother Colin stand up and put his career on the line for our people, because he could easily be silent and compromise and live a “great life” but instead he’s risking his career to speak up and be a voice for injustice in America. He’s definitely to me the modern Muhammad Ali.

Brother @mchancespeaks from instagram has an interesting perspective on this whole situation though, many are boycotting until Colin Kaepernick get’s signed but he has a good point on why he doesn’t want Kaepernick to get picked up, check it out below.

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