Perspective Racial Issues

The Battle with White Supremacy

There is something that needs to become precise as we live on this earth. We need to understand that one Racism is the ability to control a person’s fate and destiny, therefore, Blacks cannot be Racist. Racism involves controlling the schools, workforce, communities and money while determining who gets what portions and who will suffer from the lack. Within Racism is the evil step child called White Supremacy. White Supremacy has been birthed from greed, envy and jealously. When we talk about White Supremacy we must understand that it is not something whites and even blacks fully understand. The reason I say that, is simply because there are levels to White Supremacy and 99% of the people who are the puppet masters of White Supremacy you will never see. They will not show themselves doing charity and you won’t know their relatives. They will sacrifice people who will look like them if it will benefit them. The sad part is many of our “conscious” brothers and sisters waste time and energy with the baby battle with the puppets instead of working towards the puppet masters. White Supremacy is White Male dominated because White women didn’t have the right to vote until around 1921. This needs to have a clear understanding because what this means is their Wife, Mother, Daughters and any Woman birth from them could not vote nor receive a fair trial if committed of a crime because White Women could not vote. That is powerful and it shows us how wicked and evil this is and will forever be. We can see the transition of the 1970-80’s Crack Epidemic and Mandatory Minimums and fast forward to the Heroin and Opioid epidemic now it is a mental health issue just solely based on who it affects. I share this because we need to ensure we are not just sharing Facebook posts and having baby conversations. We need direct action that is birthed from real people willing to risk their life. Your life will end anyway; therefore, find out what you’re chosen to do and work every day to do it. We don’t need any more “conscious” brothers and sisters who read but NEVER stand on their square. What is your school of thought? We need to recognize White Supremacy is going to last because we are allowing things to happen. I know black on black crime is always the argument; however, I am not buying into it because we never hear about White on White Crime by that name or if we go to China they don’t call it Chinese on Chinese crime, do they? So, I touch on this topic to introduce you into a series of thinking because this is where we are at. I don’t care to convince you my brothers and sisters to think like me or to do the work because that it too much of a burden; however, I want to plant the seed and allow it to land on sand or rock. I learned to understand that the Truth don’t need to be validated by anyone’s ignorance. It is not my responsibility to determine when you will come into the light; rather it is to teach you and show you the way because as the saying goes if you know better, you will do better and now you know better. Peace

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