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Detroit Cops Attack Man, Tries To Cover Up Surveillance Video, But Cell Phone Footage Expose Their Lies


Detroit, MI — This incident with the cops included two brothers by the names of D’Marco Craft and Michaele Jackson. This happened last may in a Detroit gas station and what’s sad about this situation is as you can see these aren’t the typical “white cops” it’s our own brothers treating these guys like this because they don’t like them. I personally think cops should learn how to rise above their emotions because if they don’t they will use the power they have as policeman or the power the gun gives them and abuse their authority which is unfair because I bet some of these incidents wouldn’t happen if they were regular guys without a badge.


(The gang-style tactics of officers Richard Billingslea and Hakeem Patterson were caught on two separate videos; the surveillance camera in the gas station and Craft’s cell phone. However, because the alleged assailants were cops, the gas station surveillance video was confiscated to hide the officers’ crimes and no one but police get to see that one. Luckily for Craft and Jackson, however, the cell phone video proves the official police story to be untrue.

“Once I went in, I instantly recognized this police officer (Billingslea) because I’ve had confrontations with him since last year. It’s been ongoing since March of 2016,” Craft said of his harassment by society’s ostensible protectors. “I froze a little. And he said: ‘So why you not going to buy nothing now; probably because I’m in here. M******F*****, you don’t want to buy nothing now?’ So that’s when I had to say, ‘F*** you man, you know how you treat me all the time’.”) – The Free Thought Project

In fear of the cops Jackson said, “I don’t know what happened inside the gas station, but on the way out he was like, ‘Bro, let’s go. Let’s go to another gas station.’ I’m like, ‘Why? I don’t see any tape around it.’ So I’m like, I’m going on and get me some cigarettes,”

AS ALWAYS when the cops are in the wrong they use the excuse that they “feared for their life” or that the other person was aggressive first and that’s what officer Billingslea tried to use in this case.

(Billingslea claims he called for backup when he saw Jackson as he was “walk[ing] towards me yelling and shouting in a very aggressive manner.”

But it was Billingslea who was aggressive. Throughout the video, Jackson keeps trying to walk away from Billingslea. At one point, both cops attack Jackson, throw him to the ground and shove his face into the concrete. Apparently having no reason to arrest him, the officers let him back up, at which point Jackson decided that he wasn’t going to be bullied out of buying his cigarettes, so he attempted to enter the store again.

Once inside, Billingsea claims Jackson tried to hit him and then claimed that he was forced to pepper spray him in the face and throw him to the ground to protect himself.) – The Free Thought Project.

With being treated by the police like this is becoming more and more a reality we must be trained and have knowledge of how to handle the police, below Minister Louis Farrakhan lays out how to handle the police.


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