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The God-Sense

Consider this thought, what if we started to identify what is wrong by not what we say, but by how we feel. I am not talking about those feelings that are inconsistent; however, that vibration and energy that we give off or that inner spiritual man. That unction that tell us to not go out or walk down that alley or spend that money this week. How some people say it that “vibe”. We have to start working and dealing with wisdom and not smarts or intelligence because when we deal in wisdom we are able to build a pyramid. Because smarts and intelligence can be measured and controlled by humans, but wisdom is only given by our creator, God. I want to encourage you to utilize your inner man because when I say, “I feel you” that is not from your common idea of feelings and emotions, but from the God ordained sense that no man can remove. I share this information and many readers will believe they have already been operating in this sense; however, forget what you say, how is your life being lived out? Are you still within unhealthy relationships then being upset because you say “people switched up on me.” I do not believe people switch up on us, it comes down to we did not operate within our God sense to know how to properly position people. I found that many people have unreasonable expectations for people that they will never be able to meet because they are not supposed to. We have to stop bringing along short-term people on our long-term journey and if we do then we will always be disappointed. So, operate within your God sense a feel people from your spirit. Those vibes will tell us how we need to operate amongst people.

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