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Who is around White Supremacy ?

I continue to review the collaboration of White Supremacy within our society from this vantage point, it chooses Blacks and White people to further the agenda. What do I mean? White Supremacy needs puppets to continue its expansion. Some of my readers will say, “well duh” or “everyone knows that.” But I truly believe that tiny truth is always overlooked because we want to grasp White Supremacy by the full body and not by the neck. We always talk about wanting to being the Field Negro; however, we need to analyze exactly who the House Negro is. The House Negro has always known the affairs and secrets of White people because they were always there. They knew masters schedule, who he was cheating with, how much money he had, raised the entire family and would overhear every word that was ever spoken. This is powerful news because that is what we remain to see when we look at individuals showing up in a White circle without any testicular fortitude. Some and not all Blacks are chosen as the face and they lack power and authority to do effective work. I don’t want you to become discouraged when we see Black faces in powerful positions and they don’t fight for our rights. That is a faction of White Supremacy, they dress them up, they change the language, they change the address and put materials in front of them, but the cost is never to directly address situations within their community, but only go to the shore and never jump in. I say again do not become discouraged because we cannot think everyone who looks like us will work with us. I hate those words; however, I have to tell you the truth. There is no need to continue being insane about this. When we talk unity it is not about uniting with everyone; but it is about uniting with like-minded and people who are willing to become like-minded. I stand on this point because that is the trouble that boils up and we hear, “People are phony” “Sell-outs” and etc. What could we do? Those of us who call ourselves “woke” need to keep the vibrations at a high frequency and not drop for any reason. We must cut the deck and speak to the righteous and break down and build up the unrighteous. Call out those falsehoods with the way we live our life and never compromise.

I give you this information because I love you and remember: “The truth does not need to be validated by your ignorance!” Peace and Love Family.

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