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Minister Louis Farrakhan Said His Jesus Is Alive, Is He A Christian Now?

“Jesus, number one, is Prophet Jesus. Jesus, number two, is Allah (God) in Person. Jesus, number three, is the Son of Man raised from among you. Jesus, number four, is the People of Allah (God).” – Minister Louis Farrakhan

First of all the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has taught about Jesus for DECADES, literally decades. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad actually taught us every good Christian is a Muslim vice versa.

Question: Do you really believe you’re a Muslim and a Christian? How do you explain it?Answer : from Minister Louis Farrakhan: “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said every good Christian is a Muslim and every good Muslim is a Christian. Why so? A Muslim is one who submits his will to do the will of Allah and a Christian is one who is crystalized into oneness with God through the example of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ submitted totally to God and so did Muhammad. The two of them are examples of how we can become one with God, one with each other through our obedience and submission to the Will of God”

Although we are Christians by that definition don’t get that confused thinking we follow the white man’s made up religion “Christianity”

After the Minister recently talked about his Jesus still being alive many have made posts as if this is something new and he has changed his views.

A Black Christian news site attempted to post this in a way that he believed in the Jesus they speak about that is coming back from 2,000 years ago which is not the case and here, here’s one of the comments from the post.


What I LOVE about this situation is, most of our people was not fooled by the article or the propaganda. The people actually knew what he meant whether in the Nation of Islam or not.


The Minister has an article in the Final Call Newspaper called “The importance of Jesus… All Of Them”, I want to list quotes below from that article that will possibly give you a deeper understanding of what he means when he mentions Jesus.


  • “The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: “If Black people
    really understood the truth about Jesus we would be free overnight.”
  • The real truth of Jesus is so important because of the Power and the Truth that Allah (God) would give Him to end Satan’s rule.
  • That is why this man named Jesus is so important, because Jesus is the first one who comes who achieves victory over Satan and opens the way for everyone to overcome Satan.
  • I do not want Christians to think that Jesus paid the price for our redemption and we do not have anything to do now except ride on his coattail. He paid a price, and, if we choose to follow Him, we have to pay a price. There is no one who really follows Jesus who does not have a price to pay. You are going to be evil spoken of. You are going to be lied on. You may be brought into court falsely. You may be sent to prison falsely. You may even be put to death for following Jesus because Satan does not want Jesus to have any real followers.
  • Jesus is a savior because in what He brings to those who would believe and follow Him is to save us from the destructive fall of Satan and his world.
  • There are four Jesuses under that one name. Paul said, “He saw Jesus as a man born out of due season.” In the dictionary, the word “due” means: whatever is due is immediately owing; having reached the date for payment. It also means: expected to be ready, to be present, or to arrive. If Jesus was a man born out of due season, what was Jesus preaching? He was preaching the Kingdom of God 2,000 years ago. The Kingdom had not yet arrived, so, Jesus was a man preaching the Kingdom out of the scheduled time of its arrival. Jesus planted the seed of the Kingdom, but, somebody would come at the end of Satan’s rule to not only water it, but, to make the Kingdom of God manifest on Earth.
  • In the 24th chapter of Matthew, it reads: “As lightning shines from the East even unto the West, so shall the Coming of the Son of Man be.”… The One that comes from the East unto the West is coming to do a specific work. That work will bear witness to His Presence in the world. Who is He that comes? His name is Jesus. That is another name for the Son of Man.
  • The Son of Man that comes out of the East to the West comes to a people, and, he raises one from among that people who is also a Son of Man. So you have a Jesus coming to a people who are dead, and, He raises one from the dead who becomes a Son of Man, a Jesus.
  • Lastly, “Jesus, number one, is Prophet Jesus. Jesus, number two, is Allah (God) in Person. Jesus, number three, is the Son of Man raised from among you. Jesus, number four, is the People of Allah (God).” – Minister Louis Farrakhan

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