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Minister Louis Farrakhan Warns Black People About What’s About To Happen

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan made this lecture in 1990, but this is a very TIMELY message now as well because he recently did a lecture called “Seek Refuge In Allah” which was the same title of this message. I decided to go back to find old lectures with the same title so I want to lay out for us the warnings he gave about what’s about to happen, not just then BUT NOW as well.

A list of those things are

  • Your enemy will roll into the black community in armor trucks with machine guns
  • Death will be in the streets
  • When the revolution starts the open enemy(white man) is going to make a move on Minister Louis Farrakhan and on us

The Minister says we all will at one point be possibly made afraid but we have to raise above our fear, in 2017 here recently with what’s going on with America he also said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said America is preserved for Allah(God) and that there will be no bombs dropped here, it will be for Allah to get revenge on America for the wickedness done to us. Watch more below


  1. It is important to delineate his words. This shows that he is divinely guided, and portends for humanity before it manifests! Also, it neutralizes his detractors insidious attacks by posting snippets of him. Truth stands by itself!

  2. I admire your Ministry! Powerful mode of communication and representation. I would love work with you on a few projects.

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