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Beyond DNA

Mommy & Daddy both pass on DNA, but moms pass on a bit more than that. From Mommy, a child gets his or her first intestinal bacteria. Most don’t understand how very important this is, but let me help you out a little.

The bacteria in our guts play a role in every aspect of our body’s functioning, including how genes are expressed, including our immune systems, and including our brain function (even affecting how we think and our mood).

Baby gets its first bacteria in the womb. Then it gets additional, very necessary, bacteria in the vaginal canal during the birthing process. Then, it gets an ongoing supply of various bacteria through the breast milk.

This alone is amazing, but we also need to come to understand how that bacterial community is affected by our experiences (mental and physical), by what we eat, and by chemicals we’re exposed to, and how those affects then affect other body functions. These creatures literally help to keep us alive.

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