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Get Marriage Counseling BEFORE Marriage!

You’re so in love! That’s great, but, so what? Love is definitely an important part of a marriage, but it doesn’t dictate compatibility, nor whether or not you will be able to weather a storm together.

Most vows include the words ‘for better or for worse’ or something similar, but the majority of marriages fall apart as soon as the worst hits. Major illnesses, financial issues, disagreements over child rearing, these are some of the biggest reasons for divorce, aside from issues like infidelity. Marriage counseling before marriage can help to prepare couples for possible negative life-changing events.

Another problem, in many relationships, is that love is confused with lust. A marriage built on lust is doomed before it begins. When the lust fades, and it most likely will, you will be left with nothing but frustration, regret, and possibly resentment.

When my husband and I went through marriage counseling, prior to our wedding, we were instructed to abstain from sex for several weeks. We didn’t know the point, but it was for very good reason, as were several other exercises undertaken during that time.

You want your marriage to be about far more than a pretty dress and a ring. You want it to last a lifetime. Marriage counseling, before saying ‘I do’, can help you to enhance an already great relationship, help you to become a winning team, or it can help you to know that he or she is just not the one.

Healthy relationships are part of a healthy lifestyle! You deserve to be mo better!

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