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How would an entire white community feel with an all-black police force policing their community?

I’d like to check the temperature and talk about the type of atmosphere we are living in. Throughout the entire country we see and hear about White cops shooting unarmed Black Men and Women at an terrorizing rate and no we don’t need to look at the data. The data will only show whether this has increased or decreased; however, we know it is happening. The serious question we need to consider is why haven’t we heard about Black cops shooting or killing White Men and Women. We know Black cops are being harrassed, weapons drawn on them, spit on, and disrespected. But why is it that Black cops haven’t pulled the trigger on these individuals? Do Black cops have more restraint and discipline than White cops? Or is it that if Black cops began killing White Men and Women White America would retailate in a manner that Black people aren’t willing? When we analyze Policing in America we can trace the start from Slavery with the Slave catchers, Jim Crow south and now. It is the same spirit just at different times. This is very serious because do we believe if Black cops started pulling the trigger because of “I fear for my life” would White America just March or protest? These are questions that need to be answered without any Intellectual Masturbation. We see many White cops policing neighborhoods they don’t live in and just play catch with our black children and call that community policing. There would never and has never been in the history of America an all Black police force policing an all white community. They allow Police Chiefs who are Black, but that remains under the umbrella of White Supremacy. Have you every wondered with all the jobs White America is open to why would they chose a Police Officer career? A license to Kill and use authority to terrorize? We need answers to these questions my Brothers and Sisters. My build on this topic is as I said before this would not be allowed. There would be immediate action and legislation to overrule this action. So if the that is such why do we allow an all White Police force to Police our communities? You pay their salary’s so speak up and address issues head on, demand change from your legislators and be specific.

I love you family, Peace!

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