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Pimpin Ken Teaches The P.I.M.P Game And Advice To A Teenager

P.I.M.P – Put In My Pocket

I’ve seen Pimpin Ken twice at Big T selling his DVDs and I had a chance to talk to the brother twice. He’s always teaching out getting off the white man’s job and working for yourself making your own money. Now because of his past and his name “Pimpin Ken” most will blow him off and not lend their ear because they think he doesn’t have any knowledge when in fact it’s the exact opposite. The brother is very knowledgeable and knows a lot about our history as original people. Here at Big T he talks about entrepreneurship, the importance of doing for self and about a teenager giving his mother respect. He’s big on promoting self and hand to hand combat, meaning boots on the ground selling your own products one by one. Check out the video below.

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