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Colloidal Silver? Why Not?

It’s guaranteed that there are no health problems in existence that are due to a lack of silver in the body.

While silver is natural, it’s not natural to, or needed by, our bodies. The likelihood of it making a person turn blue may be very low, but the biggest issue with consuming it is that it’s only slightly better than using antibiotics.

Antibiotics are known for killing good bacteria along with the bad. What many who promote colloidal silver either don’t understand, or don’t want to disclose (especially if they sell it or make a profit from it otherwise), is that colloidal silver also kills several strains of beneficial gut bacteria. The best solution will be one that is safest while simultaneously nourishing the body.

Why pay such a high price for colloidal silver, when you can pay much less for whole food solutions that actually contain what the body needs? There are many highly effective and health-supporting antibacterial herbs and fruits. Olive Leaf and Cranberry are just a few of these wonderful herbs. These herbs help the body rid itself of certain harmful bacteria, while actually supporting the good gut bugs that we need so much! You can click here for a highly beneficial herbal supplement for getting the opportunistic bacteria out of your life.

Colloidal silver is often also touted as a supreme agent against viral infections, but herbs like Chinese Skullcap and garlic are far superior. Also, eating a virus-friendly diet, full of foods that are high in lysine, is very beneficial in fighting against viruses including the cold/flu viruses, chicken pox, measles, and more. You can find a great herbal supplement for the fight against viral infections here.

A virus-frendly diet is one that is very low in grains, nuts, and seeds, and contains high amounts of vegetables and various fruits, with moderate amounts of beneficial meats that contain high amounts of bioavailable L-lysine. The best meats will always be grass-fed or wild caught, and grain-free or low grain. You can get more information about lysine in this article.

If you’re in a pinch, and colloidal silver is all you have, it would be better than nothing at all, and even better than prescription drugs for certain ailments, but he best will always be herbs. If you’ve already used colloidal silver, or antibiotics, I suggest that you use a good probiotic as well as a prebiotic. One probiotic that I have found to be well balanced is the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Colon. For a great prebiotic, click here.

To learn more about the importance of the gut bacteria, click here.

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