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Coping Mechanisms: besides drugs and alcohol

We all have to deal with stress and traumatic events at some point in our lives. How individuals deal with this stress can come in many forms and varying degrees of emotional well-being. Significant life events large or small, positive and negative can cause psychological stress.

Coping mechanisms are strategies we use to manage and deal with this stress. We can all agree there is a drug epidemic in our neighborhoods and many people use this form of coping with stress. Even though alcohol is legal, using this coping mechanism can cause disease and early deaths.

These examples below are the more commonly and positive coping mechanisms you can use in your lives or suggest to family and friends

•  Support- discussing what is stressing you out with a family member, friend, or supportive individual can be an effective way to mange stress.

•  Physical Activity- staying active and exercising can keep you in a positive mind, healthy and serve as a natural way to manage stress.

•  Relaxation- relaxing activities include listening to sound effects or soft music, meditation, muscle relaxation and/or yoga, as well as calming techniques.

•  Problem solving- using this coping mechanism involves identifying the main ingredient or problem and finding solutions to effectively manage or rid yourself of the stress.

 Humor- listening to your favorite comedian or viewing something comical can make light of a stressful situation and put it in perspective; helping you manage the stress and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Using these coping skills can be an effective way to improve mentally and keep a stable emotional well-being. People who adjust and manage everyday stresses well experience less anxiety, suffer from depression less, and have a low risk of other mental health concerns as a result.



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