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Open Marriage: Could You Do It?

More people are openly engaging in what are considered alternative marriage styles, including polygamous, polygynous, swinging, and open marriages.  The concept of sharing a spouse certainly isn’t a new one, but society, as a whole, has yet to embrace these types of unions, while often actually promoting infidelity.

Often times the other spouse is completely unaware of the fact that he or she is not in the exclusive relationship they thought they were in, and sometimes realization of the contrary actually leads to two people staying in an unfaithful relationship while one pretends not to know what’s really going on.

Actress and comedian Monique and her husband came under fire, over the last few years, when they publicly acknowledged their open marriage. I love how they explain the fact that the openness is not just about sex, but about being open. While I myself don’t want an open marriage, I fully respect what is said in an interview they gave to The Preachers. Check it out:



I’m not comfortable with sharing my husband, but I not only entertained the idea, but actually initiated discussion about, the possibility of a polygamous marriage. At the time, I had my reasons, none of which involved sex, but I wanted to be real and adult about what I needed and to discuss the possible avenues for attaining it.

The average person can’t fathom the idea of sharing their significant other, and that’s ok, but both men and women tend to have a preference for honesty and the ability to have a conversation where each has a say. Deceit and infidelity not only wear on the relationship, but on the people themselves. It’s much healthier to be real, and lay it all out.

Healthy relationships are part of a healthy lifestyle. You deserve to be mo better!


  1. Thanks for posting the video.
    I think it´s an important discussion and we should all think about to what degree you can “own” a person and the role that jealousy and insecurity play in keeping a marriage closed. Monique and her husband seem to me very mature people, who seem capable of simply giving each other a lot of freedom because they actually love each other.

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