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There is no time for Intellectual Masturbation!

We have a high alert issue that needs to be addressed within our communities. That high alert issue is this notion of being “woke.” Everyday we can always 99.9% of the time see people “dropping” knowledge on what to believe and what not to believe. It is truly ashame that this conversation continues to revolve and it’s a baby conversation. It is a baby conversation because we can even take it to the simplest form, in our science classes many of us have been taught about how colors are red, blue, green, orange etc. It is from the light reflecting off of a BLACK surface. So we need to conclude that no matter if you believe the Nation of Islam, Kemet, Hebrew Israelites,  New Covenant, Nuwaubianism, Moorish, etc it is all of our because Black is the SOURCE which all things come from. Too many times we begin the conversation with vomitting information instead of using wisdom. Wisdom would tell us that if you are truly learned within your school of thought then you know better to enter into a conversation with a fool because those who are looking on the outside will not be able to tell who is who. We must instead find a square and stand on it. I’ve ran into many brothers who want to have word vomit conversation, yet they will tell us they are “still learning.” That is alright; however, you should not be on the front lines talking with those who are learned in a manner of trying to prove and disprove. Instead be a sponge because you cannot be “studying” for 2 years and not have landed on a square. Use wisdom because when you rely on smarts and intelligence you will be controlled and easily knocked off your square. My square is the bible. What I have found is many of our “woke” brothers and sisters run into Kemet and challenge the bible. I don’t see any problem with Kemet. The bible is truth and it is not given to us. How can we recieve something that we created and that talks about us? The first scribes where who? I even asked the question of if the bible is something I should not believe then tell what I should believe. I don’t mind you taking the bible from me; HOWEVER, you must give me another teaching with teachings that I cannot find in the bible. I have yet to find that answer. Therefore, we need to stop having baby conversations and start using our resources to build our communities because we live in neighborhoods and hoods are used to cover something up. Also, since you have the correct answer why aren’t you teaching in the streets and opening schools to share the message since you have the Truth? We just have to stop and understand whatever we believe is birth from us and for us. We need to use them to build and take ownership of our resources.

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