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Too Busy to Eat Healthier?

Do you have days when you’re so busy that you forget to eat for most of the day, or just feel that you don’t have time to feed yourself (or do much else), or worse, you feel that you only have time to grab a quick, yet crappy, bite out? This is ones for my fellow busy bees!

Try keeping bags of frozen fruit, fresh fruit, and veggies on standby (organic is best, especially for apples, pears, peaches). A few nuts/seeds here and there would be ok also, but just a few*, really. Easy fresh fruit options are those that don’t require peeling/cutting. Frozen fruit is more convenient since you don’t have to take time to wash it. Buying large bags of frozen fruit and/or bags that are on sale are ways to stock up at decent prices.

Frozen Pineapple Chunks, Cherries, Strawberries, Peaches, Mango, Mixed Fruit… throw it into a bowl and eat it as it defrosts. Literally throw the entire bag into a big bowl, just to keep it from condensing all over your desk or car and getting things all wet, if that’s all you have time for.

This way, you’re more likely to eat, and you’re eating HEALTHY, instead of quick junk food snacks or fast food. You’ll also find out that you’ll maintain a ton of energy to keep you going throughout the day, and the healthy sugars will keep your brain functioning optimally.

IF you want to sweeten any of your fruit, first try fruit-combining, mixing the fruit with other fruits that are sweeter. Strawberries and sweet grapes are one of my favorite combos, as someone who grew up dipping strawberries in white sugar. Bananas are great to parter with low-sugar fruits also.

Other than fruit-combining, much better options than white sugar will be raw honey and maple syrup. I’ve found the best prices on maple syrup at Costco (for the previously-labeled grade A) and TRADER JOE (for the previously-labeled grade B, which is the best kind). Your local farmers market may have great prices on local raw honey and maple syrup also.

Although fresh and frozen fruit will always be superior to canned fruit and fruit cups, these would be better than not eating at all or choosing highly processed snacks. When buying canned fruit and fruit cups, always look for the ones with no added sugar, flavorings, or colors.

Nourishing herbal supplements can also be of great help when you’re on the go. One that I suggest, Moringa PLUS, is high in various nutrients, including magnesium, iron, vitamin E, omega 3’s, and many more beneficial nutrients.

*If you have nuts/seeds, just be sure not to overdo them. it’s easy to eat too many if you don’t watch it… one handful, then another… next thing you know the bag is empty. The reason for this warning isn’t because of fat content, but because of high amounts of the amino acid arginine. You really don’t want high amounts of arginine, ESPECIALLY if you tend to be stressed. Busy folks tend to be stressed out folks. Your immune system won’t handle your eating too many nuts/seeds well under stress.

You deserve to be mo better!


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