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Meat: A Better Source of Nutrients

With all of the issues surrounding meath and health, these days, I think it’s only right to set a few things straight. The issue runs deep, and the misinformation has been running rampant, so I can’t possibly address the fullness of the meat madness in one post, so there will be more to come.

Nutrients are various things that help support life. All nutrients have specific benefits, all foods have different types of beneficial nutrients, and all foods have certain drawbacks. Unfortunately meat has been vilified by certain groups, and many are even claiming that it has no benefits at all, when compared to other foods, only drawbacks, and that meat is an inferior source for all nutrients. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Meat is, in fact, a superior source for certain nutrients. The link below discusses only a couple of the beneficial nutrients that can be obtained from it, but these nutrients are highlighted because of their importance to the immune system and because of the body’s tendency to expel them under common situations.

Click here for more about some of the nutrients best obtained from meat!

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  1. Good article. I’m a vegan and take supplements daily as I know my diet lacks certain nutrients however, I don’t think I was meeting my nutritional needs when I was still eating meat so I think everyone should be more aware of their nutritional requirements

    1. Food and whole-food supplements will always be the best source of various nutrients. Meat provides certain necessary nutrients in a superior manner, compared to other foods. Simply adding certain foods to a diet that includes meat, based on whatever you felt you were lacking, would be sufficient.

      What nutrients do you feel were lacking because of eating meat? How were you able to asses this lack? Through lab tests?

      1. Omega 3 was definitely one. I wasn’t tested I just know from my research that I wasn’t eating the right foods to provide everything I needed. I just didn’t look into nutrition and supplements at all back then but now that I have done I realise that I should have been more aware. I think that, whatever someone’s diet is, they need to check that they are meeting all of their nutritional requirements because it could have long-term effects even if they feel OK now

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