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Want Him to Treat You Better?

You hope he will love you like you need to be loved, the way you love him. You give him chance after chance to be what you need. These are big enough issues, in general, but if what you need from him is to be treated better, then I think YOU need to permanently change…. your relationship status with him.
Don’t try to make him grow for you, find more love for you, or do anything else that he clearly isn’t willing to do for you. If he treats you poorly, if he speaks to you badly, constantly tries to manipulate you, constantly cheats on you, lies to you, uses you, or hits you, then you have to let him go, for you.
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An abusive relationship is one that needs to be cut off for good. If you try, repeatedly, to give someone who abuses you a chance … to potentially continue to abuse you, then you have to examine your self-worth. You may need to accept the possibility that you need help. It may be necessary to seek counseling so that you can find out why you’re now abusing yourself through him, and find the strength to love yourself enough to end it.
Every time he abuses you, and you stay or go back, it’s like you’re cutting yourself. The longer you continue this way, you’ll just accumulate more scars, until you won’t even be able to recognize yourself anymore. With that said, I leave you with  this to consider:
An emotional cutter: A person who continuously goes back to weakening situations with unrealistic expectations of improvement without having established any real boundaries on the levels of disrespect that they are willing to accept. This person rationalizes that the good qualities of that person/place/thing will one day mysteriously become who they are. Leaving no more room for the negative aspects. And deep down, what keeps them from detaching from the blatant disregard of their well being, is their need to feel something rather than nothing; even if that something is pain.
~LaTigger The Writer
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