How to Stop A Cold or Flu virus

When a cold or flu hits, you have to hit back hard, within 48-72 hours, or risk being stuck with it for longer than you have to be. There are many cold/flu remedies circulating the internet, from echinacea to elderberry, and beyond. I’ve found many of them to be ok, but not the best. I’ve even found that elderberry seems to interfere with my usual fast recovery, when I have combined it with my supplements or regimen. If you like the effects of elderberry and echinacea, you’ll love what i’m about to share with you.

In the video below, I give you what I’ve found to be the best, tried and true solutions for knocking out cold and flu viruses fast. How attack the cold/flu is always up to you, but I would use every single bit of info in the video to my advantage.

If you want to maximize your results even more, or if you’re quite busy and just don’t think that you can commit to what’s laid out above, then you can get increased benefit with an herbal supplement called W.A.R.

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Additional Tips:

  • It’s best to avoid adding pasta/noodles to your chicken and/or mushroom soup. Stick to adding veggies only
  • I love Lakewood Organic Aloe Vera Juice! It is simple, just aloe and lemon juice, no additives. If you can’t find this brand, just make sure you buy one that has no added flavors or colors, and no sweeteners (not even artificial ones).
  • Rooibos tea comes in red or green leaf. Each has benefits. Click here to learn more about it.

You deserve to be mo better!

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