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How do you interact with the “Law”?

Many of us believe we know the law and can talk our way out of situations involving the Police. This is a direct challenge to us all because many of us are acting without wisdom. Wisdom would tell us only speak when spoke to and be direct without much long windedness. Now let me point out the elephant in the room, this still would not deter from being killed, which is a harsh truth; however, it does begin to built confidence within us when we meet foolishness and flithy with wisdom and righteous. The 5th Amendment tells us plain and clear, “You have the right to remain silent ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL be used against you in the court of law.” That is powerful because if we rest on those words we will start to see that we are set up to fail. Who are the “we”? Those who opposition of the police and law. Yes, we can go into the shoulds and the coulds; however, I deal with Truth and Wisdom. I’ve been in several situations where I have been pressured to share information that I did not need to share and there was a benefit and not a benefit. This is a thin line because we understand, well many of us , that there is a connection between the officers, the courts and the prison. That is part of the reason why it has been such a hard struggle to convict many more cops for illegal use of force and the terrorism because you open the door and call one aspect corrupt them that will cycle back on the others and then America would have another issue to address. We must start to get online and with our Library’s and read your states Code of Law for Policing because each state can be different. We must start to watch over the police interactions, those of us who believe we are overseers. We must hold expungement fairs annually within our communities in order to remove those charges that the courts should have removed. We must organize a call line when one of our brothers or sisters are engaged with Police. We must teach interaction techniques such as always get the officers badge number and name, pull over in lighted areas. This is not fool proof; however, it will build up a community for us to properly engage.


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