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“Mind Health” in the African American community!!!

Everything we do we think in our minds first. There is no action that takes place that the mind does not first give thought to. Our minds are the driving force directing us toward our future. Before I sat down to type this post I first wrote it down but before that I thought about it and now here you are reading it. Reading what was once in my mind and is now a reality. This is how EVERYTHING was and is created.

Our mind is the most powerful thing that we as human beings have. In fact our mind is the most powerful thing on planet earth today. Literally everything you are seeing with your eyes right now was once a thought in some human being’s mind first. Gain control over your mind and take control of your life. So if this is so why is it that we pay so little attention to our Mental Health or “Mind Health” as I like to call it. When I speak of “we” I am speaking to the African American community, my community.

The word “mental” simply means “mind” so from here on let’s call it “Mind Health”. When one is sick with an ailment of the body that person goes to see a physician or a doctor as we call them in order to see what the problem is within their body. If this person goes long enough without seeing a doctor for their ailment the condition could worsen and become a bigger problem than it initially was. If this is the case when one becomes physically ill, what makes us believe that this same criterion is not to be applied with our “Mind Health”.

We must begin to be honest and start to admit to ourselves that yes life does get difficult sometimes and that we are not as strong as we tend to put on. Once we admit this to ourselves then we can begin the process of “Mind Healing”. One myth that hangs around our community is that the “pastor” can fix it I’ll just go talk to him. Now don’t get me wrong I understand this line of thinking, in fact have acted out on it myself. What I had to realize and what we must all come to realize is that God has equipped people in the world to help us specifically with our “Mind Health” and those are the people we should seek when dealing with life and all the problems that it brings.

The African American community, my community must put an end to this stigma that we have placed on “Mind Health”. It is literally killing us and continuing the poverty and mis-education we see within our communities. We are literally “trapped” by our own minds which in turn produces a lack of vision which is what is keeping us in continuing poverty and mis-education.

For example, it is this poverty that keeps us from being able to pay our bills on time which brings anxiety, it is this anxiety of not being able to pay our bills on time that brings about a depression and it is this state of being depressed that brings about suicidal thoughts all things that plaque our communities in high numbers.

All these things are things that “ALL” take root in our Mind. We MUST lift up our mind and our condition will soon follow, for it is this and only this that will bring about the change that I know we so all desperately want to see.


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