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Restless Legs?

If you have Restless Leg Syndrome, then you probably have a serious mineral deficiency. Because of this, creepy/crawly/jumping legs most likely aren’t your only issues. Your body might just be screaming for magnesium, and it might be telling you off in more ways than one.

Magnesium is one, of many, minerals that we need for nearly every bodily function. Unfortunately, foods tend to be much lower in magnesium these days, and most people aren’t eating enough foods that contain the most magnesium anyway. Add to this the body’s response to stress, and we have a major issue on our hands.

When you’re stressed out, which the majority of people in this society tend to be, then the kidneys actually stop recycling magnesium back through the blood stream, and instead they dump it into your urine.

Those who are suffering from magnesium deficits may notice several problems, which may, or may not, include restless legs,  such as:

-Insomnia or frequently interrupted sleep


-poor memory

-muscle cramps




-hormone imbalance

-poor bone density

-heart disease

-high blood pressure

-other muscle spasms (including facial tics)

Thankfully, there are foods and herbs that you can increase in your diet to help reverse or prevent magnesium issues. Kelp and spinach are great, but moringa is one of the best sources of magnesium. Moringa is an African herb with tons of nutritional value, and it contains nutrients that also help the magnesium get into your cells, where it needs to be.

Moringa is available in capsules, powder, and even tea bags. Also, Moringa PLUS is a great Moringa supplement that has the added benefits of purslane, which is high in Omega 3, vitamin A, and many other nutrients.

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You deserve to be mo better!

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