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That Man the Women are attracted to!

I have this constant thought weighs on my spirit daily when I look into my daughters eyes. She will be attracted to someone LIKE me or someone Like me. What that means is that either way I am will set the course for who my daughter will be attracted to. That is powerful and a great responsibility for me. I know there are many brothers who have believed they can have several women or treat women with disrespect and not think it will return. When we deal with Reaping what we sow it can benefit and it can be a penalty. We do not want the penalty. Remember our children come THROUGH us and NOT FROM us. This means they will do and act how we act. It shouldn’t shock us when we have children speaking things that “we haven’t taught them” because we truly have taught them. The subconscious is powerful and easily overlooked. Our children HEAR and SEE. For example, when we have young children and they come around people and they don’t act their “normal” self or they are hesistant around them, they are telling us something about that persons spirit. We need to check that and keep watch. Don’t minimize your childrens actions. Step up Men. I am talking to the Men right now because when the Men rise up then the Women will come along. Women by nature are called into submission (NOT WEAKNESS) to Men; however, they will only follow those who know where they are going. Men it is not our genitals that the Women want. I always say that you find out who that Woman’s father is and you will find out about her. She may lose herself in sex because that is some of the common times that us men speak. Men we are not as vocal as women about our issues. What is our favorite line “Nothing” when women ask us what is wrong? Therefore, the desire of a woman is to hear her man speak so she maybe more apt to have sex and it is not because she is promiscuous. Of course we know a slight few who this does not pertain to, however, it happens on a mass scale. Therefore, when the Men rise up and get back into their rightful place, the rest will follow. We are the providers: emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. We cannot overlook out nature and rely on nuture because this society is crazy and full of confusion.

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