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The purpose of a March is to bring awareness towards Social Issues!

Peace and Love Family,

There have been so much misunderstanding and disdain about Marching. For many individuals we have heard “Marching doesn’t do anything” “Marching is pointless” “I’m tired of marching.” When we review history: Marcus Garvey and his U.N.I.A marches, Dr. King and his marches, The Million Man March, Voting rights, Black Lives Matter etc the point that should never be missed is this was not going to change the legislation at first sight; however, it was going to unite people for a common objective and propel people to take direct action. From those Marches came an awakening from the spirit. We cannot throw Marches away because it is a valuable tool used to attack a system that continues to terror its citizens and kill them. Of course we need to have action steps that follow the march. We need to keep marching because it brings issues for America to have to take a look at. The more we March the more America has to face their reality. The more we March the more people will see and hear. Do not stop marching!

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