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Beyonce and Trae Tha Truth Serving Houston Hurricane Harvey Victims

As we all have probably heard, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston pretty bad. I talked to a sister who made it out and is now in Dallas and she told me she saw dead bodies, babies dead people couldn’t swim etc so this was a hard time for many families in the Houston area. Brother Trae Tha Truth has been on the front lines in Houston from the jump and Beyonce has joined in to do for the Houston community. I love this because we often find the people trying to criticize celebrities for not doing anything and this was a perfect time to show that celebrities do have a heart, they do care for their communities we just have to give them a chance and understand they aren’t always free to do everything and be everywhere.


Trae Tha Truth has a fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey that has gathered over $150k+ to support the efforts and work being done there. To Support CLICK HERE

Yorkshire Apt… Luv

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Trae Tha Truth with boots on the ground said when he made it there they intended to just give out stuff, but as he seen the condition what’s needed is cleaning supplies.

Here is a video of a brother shouting out what’s needed.

In conclusion, salute to Trae and Beyonce this is something that they did NOT have to do, but they are sacrificing their time and energy to help the people.



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