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The Baby making factory! The Breeding of the Black man and woman.

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Baby making factories are still on display today just like they were over 150 years ago. There was a time when the slave master would take around 12 Black women and 1 Black man and make them have sex in order to make babies. The purpose was to breed the Black children to work for the slave master. We can fast forward today and see 1 man having several children by several women. Then that man is considered a dead beat because he does not want to take care of his children. Although that maybe true we must understand, He is the product of that conditioning of breeding because his role wasn’t to raise his children or be around; just to have the children. This is an urgent matter because our children are being left to fend for themselves. There has always been an attack on the Black man from the beginning because our power exceeds that of the others and couple that with the Black woman, the results are ENDLESS. We can see this parallel with the welfare system. Black women receive more money by being a single mother than being with her man. This is the aspects of White Supremacy that is forever present. When I talk about White Supremacy I am not talking about all white people because all white people are NOT qualified to be apart. White Supremacy will kill anyone who opposes no matter the race or background.  The happenings of today are a direct result from the conditioning from the slave masters. The only difference is the semantics of the wording. We see the results of Baby making factories because what are many of our Black children pushed to do? Go to college and get a job. Many of our children are NOT pushed to return back to uplift our neighborhoods. However, if that father was in his rightful place there will be more guidance because that is our role, the ones who chart the course. On the other hand, We have been conditioned to believe Black Pride means White hatred and that is far from the Truth. Our nature is not violent nor hateful. Do not mistaken that when White Pride or White Nationalism is said, they are full of hate, racism and white supremacy and that is not the case on our end. We stand with Black Pride to reestablish a sense of being to place us back in our rightful place. So I urge you to expand your understanding because I am writing to give you a taste of a serious subject that is cycling.

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