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The Black Church one of the most powerful entities in History!

We must realize that the Black church should not be polluted and if you are one who disrespects the church, you my brother or sister are very ignorant. Why do I say that? I say that because when our civil rights leaders and even our ancestors during slavery, where do you think the plans were created for rebellion and escape? In the Black Church. Who do you think bailed out those getting arrested for protesting, boycotting? The Black Church. The pastors of those churches used to compromise with the sheriffs for those who were arrested. The Black Church is a powerful force that should never get overlooked because it was the place where: food, housing assistance and social programs were provided for our neighborhoods. So easily the ignorant people equate White Jesus to the Black Church. That is far from the truth. Please come to realize that with the Black Church there will always be sell-outs just like during the slave rebellions every black person did NOT join. However, that does NOT equate for the powerful of the Black Church. For individuals to believe the Black Church has no power is foolish because they recieved that information from a White society. The Bible talks about Black people. The Black Church was the staple and still is the staple of our neighborhoods. Before you talk bad about the Black Church just remember your grandmother, all the Black Activist you quote, they all recieved their foundation from the Black Church. When you realize that then there is no way anyone would disrespect the Black Church.

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