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What happened to Kenneka Jenkins? A Chicago Teen Who Was Found Dead In Hotel Freezer

There are SO MANY different perspectives when it comes to this story, but in summary there was a 19 year old sister who was at a hotel “party” that others are calling a “set up” and there are all pretty much drunk and or high with other men in the room. “Irene” which is the main girl on the live facebook video said that “Monifah” her “bestfriend” took her outside the room knowing she was drunk and didn’t come back with her… when they went outside she was gone. Below is the original live stream video.

Many are saying that you can see Kenneka’s pants through Irene’s glasses during the video on the bed, but another perspective said that wasn’t here… below is the video of Monifah and Kenneka in the bathroom before the live stream above that went viral.

Someone recently found new info from a guy posting on facebook “Awwa Everybody Salty Fuck Yall And That Dead Lil Bitch”

As I was searching on twitter more screenshots was coming up from what looks like “Irene” now sure if it’s her actual page or not because people have been making fake pages, but by the way she’s texting it does look similar.

Here below someone comments on “Monifah” page and said she just got a job at the hotel, and Irene vents on facebook about feeling sorry for the leaving the hotel without her.

Here is also a screenshot of Irene saying Monifah took her outside


Lastly a sister went live on FB after she said being on the story for hours, she put together her story and it’s since then went viral and some are saying sounds like the most accurate perspective.

What’s your thoughts?


  1. Very sad story I agree with the sisters perspective too. These youngins nowadays are all about “turnin it up” and predators slip right in . RIP KENNEKA

  2. It doesn’t look like the artificial intelligence program that was monitoring the video system was very stringent. Those are the red squares that pop in and out of the video whenever it detects movement. In a good system, the AI would have detected that she was staggering and brought her up on the emergency operations center video systems in order for someone to dispatch a response element to her location. This one looks like maybe it only detects movement? Can anyone confirm what the AI is monitoring in the video?

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