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UPDATE: Guy At The Hotel Party Says The Security Guard Was Suspicious, NEW Videos Supports His Claim

New perspective that was there in the hotel says the focused should be moved to the “creepy ass security guard”. Beginning perspectives thought that Kenneka was being raped in front of them however last night videos were being revealed that showed Kenneka was in the room standing up fine and the time periods look like they prove it was after Irene went live. History shows this area was busted for Organ Trafficking and believe that’s what this case may come down to.

I think we ALL may have found a primary suspect IN THIS CASE and may have solved this murder mysteryย ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพย 13,000 heads are better than ONE! By going through chats, websites, articles, and all…. ONE scenario seems the most plausible! The video was made at around 1am with Irene does not really help us much. An eyewitness saw Neka in the room at 3:00am and she was laughing and annoyed a little with the same guy trying to hit on her. We know that Neka was at the front desk at around 3:20am (for whatever reason – it was in a security video). Her friends went to look for her for at least 30 to 45 minutes because they could not find her and called her mom at 4am. They didn’t waste any time looking for her or calling her mom which means they may be telling the truth.

There was a “creepy” security guard coming to the room – on and off throughout the night. Once Neka disappeared, they never saw the security guard for the remainder of that night. Also, they claimed that the security footage was edited. It looks like the hotel staff…aka… the security guard did it. They refused to allow them view the footage until a whole 24hrs had passedย ๐Ÿค”. They claimed Neka was no where on the video and refused to allow them to see it, it took another person viewing it to mentioned that she was found at the front desk at 3:20am. They found her in the part of the hotel that the guest would not have known existed and was not in use at the time and it would be plausible for the security guard to know where it is because he has to scout the area. Here are some supporting documents…” – Stephanie Forbes

ke ^^^ Kenneka during the party ^^^



    1. There is nothing anyone can tell me about this and how i would feel if you called me talk’n about you don’t know were my child is and you’al was together.. HEAVENLY Father forgive my action because no one will sleep off this.. I’m in rage over this situation and i didn’t know the young lady bit best believe someone gonna have answers for me.. ๐Ÿ’ฏ ๐Ÿ’ฏ

      1. Well Chicago is a holy city. Who ever did it will get delt with from the spirits out there, and most of the time suicide.

  2. The site of the organ trafficking is not the same site as the hotel. Hell the man arrested for that doesn’t own the hotel. Do research, I did. And another thing the mother herself said they called her at around 4:30. And one more thing no time has been given as to when she was at the front desk. Police have said they say her walking the hallway leaning against the wall.

      1. This not correct….her sister said to a repprter out of her mouth on live that the hotel told them that they seen her drunk by thr front desk but they never showed them that footage so thats not really a fact.,,she said the footage they showed them was Kenneka walking pass the front desk at 1:13 which was prior to EVERYTHING.

    1. What would make you think that the company and the hotel would have the same site? They wouldn’t when they are 2 different types of business….biut the security guard at the hotel could work for that company and people not know it! It’s ashame this beautiful young girl had to go through this as well as her family! Not to mention the fact that you’re probably not going to find everything when you research information about the company involved with the organ trafficking! And they did give a time she was at the front desk she was there at 3:20am and her friends went looking for her 30-45 minutes later when they couldn’t find her they called her mom! Plus the fact that the creepy ass security guard kept coming to the room until she walked out and then he was never seen again through-out the night? And they have video surveillance to prove that. So it just doesn’t make sense and it will more than likely lead back to him or possibly another employ at the hotel considering the fact she was found in a part of the hotel that no one knew about and a part that was closed down due to construction and the only person who would walk those premises would be the security guard because thats his job!

    2. Kenneka was seen in the cameras at 3:48am, they called her mom at 4am she made it to the hotel at 4:32am to inquire about the video tapes.

    3. She was at the front desk at 3:20 am. The owner of the hotel wasnt the owner of the bio research but the bio lab is 7 mins from the hotel so. Say want you want about police they don’t tell the whole truth to the public.

    4. It was mentioned that she was at the front desk at 3:20am(footage was shown to sister)Mother said she got to the hotel around 4:30am(not they called her that time)The guy with the organ spot was supposed to been at the party the victim attended… not sure but this was mentioned before that bust (I think that’s why they made the bust)

    5. ever thought to yourself that “sites” change locations just like shady businesses change their names…it happens all the time. I remember hearing stories on you tube about this state being heavily involved in organ trafficking. Look it up and you do that research. People involved in this “black market” schemes are partners they are all connected through word of mouth like the elite/secret society.

    6. “Neka was at the front desk at around 3:20 am (for whatever reason-it was in a security video.)” its in this article, jfyi…

      1. I heard one of the 3 girls that was in the bathroom mirror say omg who raped her but it wasn’t Kaneeka they were talking about because she was near the bathroom alive at that time

      2. I heard it when she they raping her and Irene said I told u. U can take the sound to studio and hear just Wat is being said in the background

    1. we don’t know what was said just like you don’t know WHO said something cause it wasn’t Monifa( they tried to say the girl next to Irene said such thing, but I played it over and over and didn’t hear that) I did hear Irene say told you(but we don’t know what she told her only They do)

      1. I didn’t hear it either & no one could convince me of that no matter how many times I listened! She was saying “I told you” the parking was $200 or if you get ticketed it was $200 (something related to the parking) Another young lady said ” yup cuz I read it clear as day” right after Irene’s remark! There was no $200 being exchanged for their friend it was all taken out of content. That was all being said right when Irene got a call & told her friends to park in the parking lot!

  3. You a whole fucken lie this article is fake & unprofessional & yall just trynna steer attention away from the truth I hope the same shit happens to yall niggas & them retarded ass bitches. Man up & take the blame yall goin to he’ll already.. lyin ass faggots. There’s finna be money offered for yalls heads.

    1. This is not fake this is literally from the Facebook of someone who was there… and the sister said the SAME thing pretty much yesterday to the news… how bout y’all direct that “money” to the hotel

    2. It’s not an article it eye witnesses and videos going viral with time stamps. If these women and men had nothing to do with this, it would be unfortunate for all the harassment they are dealing with. Let the police be the police.

  4. It had to be someone that worked in that hotel because it takes someone that works there to be able to know that where the young girl was found was off limits and why would a freezer be on in a place that’s not even open it doesn’t make any sense at all I truly honestly believe it had to be someone working there maybe sent by someone because why would she be his target ?

    1. Supposedly one of the girls at the party also worked for the hotel.I don’t know what is true but this article is bull.Everybody trying to play inspector Gadget and don’t know anything. There have been numerous fake pages made all over social media pretending to be the kids involved. They even tied in a girl that tried to commit suicide who has absolutely no ties to the story.Hopefully the truth comes out and soon so the fabrication will cease and her family can have answers.

      1. I don’t know of any bf that see their friend is sick and allow her to leave alone and not go with her friend to assure she’s ok… If so I know I don’t want any friends like that… Just sayin

  5. My thing is this if it was noticed that she was missing, why wasn’t the police called first .second if that’s her best friend then why she didn’t let someone with authority know an call for help.what don’t make sense is how can you say he or she was with her or no body new ,at the end of the day no body called the police .only thing I see is people was looking for her and couldn’t find her but not one time did he or she call the police.third loud music weed alot of people in a two bedroom hotel ,security keeps coming to the door and you mean to tell me not once did security call authority because of drugs achole or loud music with to many people there. How does that sound ,now the question is who has access to the freezer? Who was around when she left the room? Who said they saw her at the front desk that works there? Who had access to the camera room? And why would any of her friends do harm to her if nobody there had problems with her so people say?

    1. Exactly….once police got involved they didn’t get to see the video footage for 24 hrs the last time she was seen was at the front desk at 3:20am….security was nowhere to be found when they was looking for her after noticing she missing. When her mother got there they told her the only was to see the cameras is to get a police report….police didn’t file a report til 3-4 pm the next day…..still no footage of kenneka….finally another police review the footage they see her at the front desk but never after wtf she disappeared from the camera….the area she was fount at security patrol that area…its not nowhere guest would be….he did something to that girl my opinion but the truth will come out hopefully

    2. police wants you to wait at least 24 hrs before you report an adult missing because they can most likely not be missing but the whole story is shady I would never let my friend go anywhere alone drunk or not….

  6. That last statement rite outta all of them and the answer to everything is the security, access to the cameras, the keys to private rooms there and they could’ve paid him off not to call the police because of weed, pills, alcohol, and you know niggas had guns so that answers that. Then dude(security) kept coming back and forth to the room his ass was stalking trying to see which one he wanted. Watch is gonna come out.

  7. I just hope they find the person who did this to that pore baby I pray for the family I’m so sorry u r going throw this my Hart gose out to u kids do dum shit some times and don’t do what is expected of them that don’t make them bad kids just bad choices

  8. Why was she alone? Why didn’t they dismantle her body? Was she raped? How did she actually due? Know these things first, then truth will show itself and some light will shine. Rip young lady…. So sad.

  9. I cant even imagine how her family feel right now I’m so lost for words every time the story pop across my timeline I can’t help but shed a couple tears cuz it’s sad no one should have to go through this.

  10. My whole thing is why did they take her phone and why did they have her keys if they didn’t know what was going on or if they didn’t have anything to do with her getting raped or just setting her up my guess is they took her phone so that she couldn’t call her moma or sister or anybody for help they set her up but my whole things is why doe they hated her that much to kill her now that’s just sad and these little bitches got babies now how the fuck they will feel if something happens to there kid’s smdh

  11. I’m beginning to think all of this is made up, not real, or just need something to talk about on the news. I might be wrong. But the story is touching to my heart. Day by day something New is being revealed. At 1st we were all focus on that 1 video and was trying to solve the case. But once I started to look on into it something just not right.

    1. i really hope not , but I’m starting to think the same thing. It’s just to much hearsay, everybody wants to be apart of something, it’s sad

  12. That was never said ma’am. That was a song you all heard and a squeaky noise in the song by Chief Keef and everyone assume they hears that. It was never said

  13. Just want to start by saying I send my condolence to the family๐Ÿ˜‡ but my issue is if y’all are having a party and a friend goes missing. you think that party should have stopped ended and somebody should have said we need to find my friend right now arrest this party is over and I’m calling the police. This is just too sad I have too many little sisters to be worried about. I just want Justice for this family and Miss Jenkins.RIP ๐Ÿ˜‡

  14. I believe the whole thing was a set from jump tht went to far & wrong! I believe her bf was on some petty hating shit & agreed with the guys to get Neka to tht party for the wrong reasons. They may have or may nt have did anything to her BUT she made it out of that room ALIVE. It went to far when she ran into the wrong hotel worker. Possibly security guard๐Ÿค”? Her friend work there so maybe her young dumb ass fkn him. Pussy make some men agree to alot of stuff lol but serious. He knew exactly what to do with the body because “they” (the hotel) been doing it. – Its just a bunch of foul play smh and i would question tf out of the bf , manager & security guard.

    1. None of people on these videos, have the sense to set nobody up , basically putting their every move on social media.. The hotel owner or the security guard tho, they might be on to something.. i definitely don’t think she was raped tho, the first autopsy was inconclusive they say n her close would have disshuffled , nothing was never said about that , but the way they found her the organ trafficking kinda makes since

  15. This is awful the security guard need to be questioned. He knows something especially if he disappeared. Praying for the family, the Lord is not sleep.

  16. I have been saying this since the beginning. That poor baby ๐Ÿ˜ข This world is so sick and I pray who ever took part in this a painful slow death. Praying for justice

  17. I just wish the people that wasn’t their stfu, hear say is just that, everyday it’s a new lead because of lifeless mofo. The police are only gonna follow but so many deadend leads before they give up.Everybody wants to be apart of something it’s sad

  18. foh there’s some many videos of hearing them bitches and guys plotting the one bitch in the white t put something her drink n the other video you can hear them talking about putting her in the freezer..yall dumb this is just to get people away from thinking that them people did that shit and set her up

  19. Maybe the focus should be switched to the security guard. Maybe she was looking for a bathroom and the security guard seeing how intoxicated she was led her to that area. He may have opened the freezer telling her the bathroom was in there and once she walked in, he locked her in. According to the temperature of the freezer and the fact she was highly intoxicated, she may have died by freezing to death. If the coroner can establish the time of death then maybe her friends may be unto something that stretches further than them and they themselves may be in serious danger. Inadvertently, this tragedy may lead to something very sinister. Ijs

  20. This is way to crazy buy everybody do want to be a part of something if they dont have a story they will make one but one thing we all can agree on THAT GIRL DIDNT DO THAT SHIT TO HER SELF … IT WAS A SET UP IN SOME KIND OF FASHION

  21. Her so called friends in the room did this…they trying to take the heat off they ass…BOOKEM ALL..DAMN KILLERS ND RAPEIST/FAKE FRIENDS…WTF THIS WORLD COMING TO….


  23. someone wanted to keep her body fresh, was security working with the person who is selling body parts ? is that why she was put in the freezer

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