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UPDATE: This Girl Who Was At The Hotel With Kenneka Jenkins Agrees With This Perspective

Irene the girl who was on “Monifah’s” facebook live(the video that went viral) reactivated her account and shows a live stream prior to the actual stream that’s worldwide. In the video she tagged a few people who were there and the girl who was there “Chalo Anderson” looks like she agrees with this perspective written by China Renee


“Ok so about the girl found in the freezer in the Chicago hotel, let me hit yall with some FACTS: the song being played over her “screams” is called Check It Out by Chief Keef, if you’ve never heard the song before that live video then you more than likely don’t know that there’s a squeaky voice throughout the song…THAT’S what yall are hearing when you thought you were hearing “help me” in a weak voice, the song keeps jumping in & out b/c it’s buffering on YouTube. Now, before you just totally disregard what I’m saying, ask yourself this question: how can she be getting choked out saying “help me” at like the 3:07 mark in the video, but when the song buffers again & cuts out she’s heard in a strong voice saying “I’m not drunk….i am enjoying myself” let’s entertain the theory she actually was being choked & asked for help, you mean to tell me whoever was choking her decided to stop & she STILL admitted to enjoying herself?! 🤔 I took 3 different psychology classes & how the mind works is if i tell you that at a certain point you’re going to hear something, whether it’s there or not, you’re not going to be able to “unhear” it which is why so many ppl feel they hear her saying “help me” also how was she seen staggering the hall AFTER all this if she was choked? Now the $200 being discussed is not them selling that girl, they’re talking about a hotel fine, whoever was in the background read it on a sign in the room. The girl recording the live was not on the verge of tears, she was rollin (meaning off a pill) if you’ve never seen that in person, just trust me certain pills make ppl do weird things with their mouths when they’re high. As far as foul play, i agree! That girl didn’t just walk into that freezer on her own, somebody definitely put her there who knew it wasn’t being used or monitored but the question is who? The guys in the video were arguing about one wanting to leave & another wanting to stay, don’t let FB tell yall they were arguing about raping or killing her. We’re all focused on her friends setting her up because that’s what social media is telling us happened, but take a min to read the reviews on the hotel (HORRIBLE) did it ever cross anyone’s mind that a hotel guest stumbled upon her staggering the hall when her BFF left her to do God knows what? What about a hotel employee? We’re so focused on her friends, & yea i agree they should have been watching her better knowing she was sloppy drunk, but come on now, they’re 18/19 year olds drinking & getting high. They already aren’t responsible enough to know their limits you think they were thinking about watching each other? They were lit & having fun! I’m not writing anybody off because in my mind anybody is capable of anything, but just take a min to look at the facts & not what all these post on FB are telling you that you see or hear #StayWoke 🤷🏽‍♀️” – China Renee


      1. BEcause the music was buffering it wasnt her getting choked , theres videos that were posted after with her still alive an having fun child .

    1. I cannot agree with that cause I listen to the song not first off that’s not the song was being played that’s a different song not yes you can hear that girl saying that just stop it cause yall look dumb is fuck frfr go back ass holes not re look again in listen before you take shit to the Internet

      1. Look I think they need to look at the girl that had her phone in that room you could see that the girl on the bed with the red look shirt hair cut with the glass got a call she told who ever on the phone that room 926 then you see a girl in the conner look like she was standing up dancing look like she didn’t have on a top the you see the girl grab a different phone and it lights up and ringinv the you see someone come in the room to me they asks the girl that on the bed wheres kennels she pointed so when she got back in the phone she turn her head playing with the phone I seen s tall light skinned guy or white guy on the other side of her but if I was y’all the main source is the girl on that bed because all them girls was in the room around 9 something so who ever came to that room they know who that girl went out with so if I was the police everyone of them would be locked up because they know what happened to that girl some friends a true friend would tell the dam truth

  1. She says that she’s not drunk and she is all right before all of that happened you can clearly hear somebody crying I did not hear help me but I did hear her call Irene name and I know that Chiefs Keef song and it doesn’t sound like somebody is crying on it

    1. Right and I heard the help me but it came on before the music started playing smh people lie way to much this case is just getting sick

    1. Right or when that girl shamaya had said herself monifah took her out the room after she laid down and then came back without her .. smh they full of it

    2. It was said they trying to rape her but they didn’t he just got on top of her and she rolled over a boy who was there said nobody raped her that video was at 1,2 in the am the party ain’t start jumping to like 2:30 to late 3 something am til she was seen walking towards and out the hotel room

  2. At the end of the day something was foul about that whole thing… Yes they tryn to blind us to the fact that somebody n that hotel put her n that freezer & knew it wasnt workn & plunged it n… Come on IDC how high u are u kno the diff between leaving an bldn & walkn into a damn freezer. Hmm

  3. That girl China is a straight flip-flopper. If you look at all her previous posts about this, she starts off saying it was the friends fault, then she posts the viral video, then says you can hear someone screaming help me, then she posts the video if an engineer dissecting the video, NOW SHE’S SAYING IT’S NONE OF THEIR FAULTS. she’s full of it if you ask me, seems like she doesnt know what side she’s on and is just posting this for likes.

    1. it was all fake. other people were doing all of this editing n putting whatever would make us accuse n hate them for this

  4. Everything we werw seeing was fake. people were making fake pages and messages based off what everyone on social media was saying. only pay attention to what her family says. nobody got raped, screamed help or murdered around that room. that all was to throw everyone off while the hotel try to get theirself out of hot water. She was never drunk or even seen drunk. thats only what the hotel told her mom was on the camera. family never seen that or her body. all they saw was neck up in a body bag. maybe becuz her organs were already gone. the hotel is associated with the organ rwsource.lab thats under investigation for transporting bloody body parts n organs tween chicago n detroit. look at facts and not social media. social media will get the wrong person hurt or killed.

  5. Okay but I just listened to that chief keep song and after that help me the same beat I just heard started playing therefore that was keneeka saying help me and that’s facts 🤞🏾
    Rip keneeka baby
    Justice for keneeka 🌎

  6. This doesn’t make sense though, the live videos were already made no one knows which video was actually recorded before or after the other, maybe Irene’s video was recorded after the party meaning their plan of hurting Kenneka was already in process, or maybe the Kenneka being at the party live video was made after Irene’s video and was still alive. Also, why do you hear the girls in Irene’s video talking about a freezer? Why do the girls say “they’re in there raping that girl” and Irene says “I told ya’ll”? How come all the live videos that have been uploaded so far target Kenneka in every single one (set up). And if her body was examined they would see incisions or cuts if her organs were taken, and if she were raped they could test for semen. Also if they didn’t set her up, why won’t her “friends” come forward, and why did Irene blame Monifah when she went to the police station for everything that went down? If it were truly an accident Irene would have said that, but instead she blamed someone else, she even snitched on one of the guys in a post saying he killed her. Also there’s screenshots of Snapchat conversations between her (Irene) and some guy discussing getting money for him having sex with her friend (Kenneka) as long as she (Irene) got paid. And there’s no way that girl walked into the freezer on her own being sober because I’m sure she didn’t plan on killing herself that night or at all, and if she were drunk/drugged there’s no way she was on the 9th floor, and got down to the first floor on her own, someone put her down there. Monifah and/or Irene also worked at the hotel, so I have a feeling that they did set Kenneka up and the hotel staff is involved.😐😑😔

  7. I believe some of Irene videos was made after the party, that why the room was not packed like it was in other videos, do Irene have any other videos when the party was wild???🤔🤔🤔It’s just feels so fishy, somebody may have raped her cause she was pulling her pants up in one of those videos and it was after she got off elevator, for all we know they may had some type of game going because on the hotel video she opens a door looks inside and closes it, so why go to the freezer, don’t believe it for one minute…

    1. Not to mention WHY now all them videos Irene posted all of a sudden vanished from her page 🤔🤔now all of a sudden she hasn’t posted since 9/14 when she put justice for Kenneka BUT prior to this the girl posted on social media EVERY 15-45 min now it’s nothing between 9/6 and 9/14 come on now it’s all jus way to fishy and of course we all have our own opinions but if yu view these main girls social media it’s jus different and the Monifia girl deleted her Facebook it’s jus sad and sick I pray that with her mother doing what she doin that hotel finally release them videos and the truth come out

  8. No one actually knows what happen and it’s truly sad because it’s so many different stories and ppl trying to crack the case meanwhile no one has actually spoken on the fact that the girl staggering in the halls and being pulled to cross EVERY camera but the light skin guy is cut out and in the cut so yu can’t really see him but you all look closely at that girl you all will notice that it’s NOT Kenneka Martin it’s a thicker female with totally different jeans on a different bra her jean jacket is actually a shirt and her black weave is actually a wig parted totally different NOT to mention she is also darker..!! But if yu watch the video of her goin toward the freezer in that kitchen yu see her stagger but then she stands still until she is grabbed by a lighten hand on her waist then when she turns it looks as tho she sobers up and they are pushing a person in the freezer BUT I’m not a offer or detective I don’t have special equipment to do things on the computer or anything to further look but I can bet yu that’s not Kenneka in them videos staggering I even took a screenshot and compared they outfits

  9. I believe in my heart she was murdered by people she knew for a very long time ago that she thought so much of and they thought so little of her that’s because they was jealous of her so just picked the wrong type of so call friends I just pray the Lord seeks the truth out I pray for her family rest in peace

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