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Kenneka Jenkins Sister Speaks Out About What They Saw At The Hotel And Said Kenneka’s Hair Looked Like She Was Fighting

Kenneka Jenkins sister talked to the news recently about the information they’ve been getting from the hotel and the police. Stories have been changing and she wants answers and justice. Here are a few updates from the sister in the video.

  • The hotel told Kenneka’s mother first that the fire department found Kenneka in the Freezer, then changed it and said a hotel employee found her.
  • They went in the freezer where Kenneka was and it was warm
  • They only saw Kenneka from the neck up and her hair looked like she may have been fighting
  • She asked her friends how her hair was when she left, they said flat ironed
  • She didn’t know of any family members who spoke with Kenneka at 1:30am

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