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XXXTentacion Hangs A White Boy In His New “Look At Me” Music Video

XXXTentacion is being loved and hated all over social media right now because of his new controversial music video “look at me”. In the video he showed images of being hung and social media was outraged about a “white child” being hung in the music video

Although they were mad at that, he first showed images of black men being hung that represented Emmett Till.


He also showed a clip of Philando Castile so I believe he’s trying to put up a mirror to America to show the reality of what’s going on today. There’s actually two songs in the music video, the controversial song is called “riot”.

In the music video I think he’s trying to get white America to see what we’re going through by making it one of theirs. Check out the response people had to the video.

There were obviously several people that didn’t understand the meaning of his video by the comments, some thought it was racism but he was maybe pointing out the racism in a way those doing the oppression can understand.

Here is the video below

DJ Akademics posted a video of XXXTentacion explaining his music video




  1. You can’t know how to feel if you never experienced. This is why we hear get over it, that was a long time ago.

  2. This video is very deep it speak facts and the people that’s hating just don’t understand it or don’t wanna understand.

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