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Kenneka Jenkins: Zack Tv1 Was Demanded By The Hotel To NOT Shoot Interviews Of The People In The Room, He Said Her Friends Didn’t Kill her

ZackTV1 is a known videographer in Chicago who does great interviews around the city. Recently he was contacted by the hotel and demanded not to shoot interviews of the people he knew in the room. On his instagram he said interviewed 4 people who was in the room including Irene according to the shares on his facebook page.

Zack also said, “Shorty Nem ain’t kill her, I promise y’all that much. Believe me I know liars when I see one, I deal with rappers everyday.” Could this be something that the hotel knows? Why would they call Zack to tell him that?

It looks like Zack has an interview with Irene but it was either deleted or taken down. Below Zack went live to tell FB about the hotel call.


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