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Let’s All Get Naked!

In societies and groups where people wear the most clothing, rape and molestation are highest. Just let that sink in for a minute. 

In this society, the naked body is often viewed as either disgusting or sexual; something to be hidden. A mother who wants to breastfeed without forcing her infant to rebreath Co2, being covered with a blanket, are crazy or indecent. Women who wear clothing that is “too revealing” are typically considered to be hoes. 

Much of the issues concerning the human body are more geared toward women, while men can wear short shorts and no shirt and no one would blink an eye, except maybe to laugh because his shorts are “too small. However, for either a man or a woman to be naked, isn’t just illegal, but shameful in the public eye; an assault even. 

Someone told me that people need to wear clothes, or dress a certain way because sin is in the world now (as in since “Adam & Eve”). Yet, to this day, there are remote areas with people who know nothing about wearing clothes and they know nothing about rape, until outsiders come, bringing rape and clothes. 

Even in so-called advanced societies, there are nudist groups and nude beaches, where folks freely have discussions and meetings, play sports, relax… completely NAKED. Yet, incidents of rape aren’t high among these groups. It’s not considered a risk factor for rape to be in one of the groups. 

While I think that nudist groups are weird and creepy, maybe even gross, I realize that that mindset is part of unnatural programming I had no control over, and that the reality is it’s FREE, NATURAL, and BEAUTIFUL, not shameful or nasty. Only our imbalanced programmed thoughts are nasty, creepy, weird. 

The more we program ourselves in perverse, imbalanced, ways, the more perverse and imbalanced our societies become. We think we’ve progressed. We think we evolved. We just kid ourselves and watch, in horror, the outcomes of our misled thinking.

So, while we aren’t quite ready for a naked revolution, I hope we give serious consideration to how we frame our thinking and to how our thinking has been influenced. Active thinking, rather than passive, is the healthiest thinking. 

You deserve to be mo better!

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