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5 Things We Can Learn From Kenneka Jenkins Case?

I know we are all still trying to find the truth of what happened to our sister Kenneka Jenkins and we are focused on how mysterious this case is, but I want us to also be mindful and focused on how we can avoid this in the future. Whenever something blows up like this, I wonder what God can be trying to show us or warn us about, what should we learn from the situation?

A few things that came to mind to potentially avoid this possibly in the future

Number One 

Be watchful as possible when it comes to our children, DON’T worry about trying to be friends with the child. Oft-times if we have strict parents when we get children we allow them to go places and do things we weren’t able to do as a child and because we are less strict the child tries more things (although we still try things if they are strict)

Number Two

Avoid drinking and getting high because you become intoxicated, when you are intoxicated you can easily be manipulated and you say things and do things you usually wouldn’t do.

Number Three

If you go somewhere like a party or with people you don’t know take your own food and your own drinks. If you are getting drinks from other people they can “spike” your drink and poison your food.

Number Four

If you are in a hotel or an area that you are not familiar with don’t go anywhere without your friends and don’t let your friends wonder off by themselves. Go to the bathroom together, go to the store at night in a groups etc because you never know what can happen.

Number Five

Be alert at ALL times, because just because someone is called your “friend” don’t mean they are your real friends. Cointelpro is a group that infiltrate black organizations and they send people in who look like you act like you  and talk like you to build friendships.

Study this 

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