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If The “Black Man Is God” How Did The White Man Oppress Them?

“We are now 459 years up from slavery with the yoke of oppression and servile labor being broken as it is written and prophesied from the Book of Genesis to Revelation of the Bible and from cover to cover of the Holy Qur’an. When Jacob supplanted his oldest brother, Esau, of both his birthright and his blessing through deception and fraud, his father, Isaac, could only grant his elder son the assurance that after a specific time period of his brother’s mastery over him, he would become restless and throw off the chains and yoke of his servitude to his brother.

This teaching is the teaching of scientists and their wrangling over the divine course of history and what is necessary to give birth to a more perfect world.  This Reality we are witnessing today as the sleeping Black man and Nation in America and around the world is gradually awakening to a superior knowledge of himself and others who have tricked him through chicanery of the White man’s world.

This spiritual awakening of the Black man all over our planet is coming about because of the ending term of Yacob’s rule and Satan’s world.  The Divine Light of Truth has pierced the darkness of our captivity by the Brightness of the Coming of the Son of Man, God Himself, as the lightning from the East brightens up the Western horizon with his Divine Presence.  This Great Son of Man has made his appearance in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad who was born in the East in the Holy City of Mecca and came to the West to deliver his lost people from bondage. ” – BY MOTHER TYNNETTA MUHAMMAD

Dr. Wesley who’s a well known scholar known for proving the “Black man is God” responds to this question below

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