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Kevin Hart Admits To Cheating On Pregnant Wife After Explicit Video Surfaces

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The summer isn’t even over and Kevin Hart is in the hot seat again when it comes to his marriage. The 38 year old Comedian/Actor, further humiliated his wife and children, by going on Instagram and apologizing and confessing his mistakes to a bunch of strangers who could really care less about his infidelity.

Now here’s the twist, and I’m sure you caught it after watching the video. Someone has a “sexually suggestive” video of Kevin and was trying to use that video for financially gain. Apparently, the hush money that was suppose to be given to the holder of the video, was suppose to stop the video from being leaked BUT Kevin will not be extorted. Instead, he confessed to his mistakes and is now involving law enforcement to handle the matter.

Here’s my question, If there wasn’t a video, would there be an apology or a confession? Another thing I want to know is if his wife is upset and how upset can she truly be? Does she not believe in Karma? In case you don’t know where I’m going with this, let me remind you, Eniko (Kevin’s wife) was once the side chick in Kevin’s first marriage… Let that sink in.

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