Baking soda deodorant? Bad Idea!

The return to more natural ways of doing things is a great, and truly exciting, thing! The problem is that because we’ve been so bombarded with the unnatural, over the years, we find ourselves having to learn what’s what. More and more products are being created, and numerous claims have been made. The consumer is often left confused and/or abused, by individuals who may mean well, but have been misinformed, and by companies whose only interest is the their bottom line.

As I scrolled through my facebook wall, I came across a post that was shared in a group. The post was about a natural deodorant that you can make yourself. I’ve seen these before, and I’ve used baking soda as deodorant, in the past, and every time I see it, I become annoyed. As much as I love to see a shift toward the natural, much still has to be learned. So, armed with the inspiration to teach from a scientific perspective, I’ve written an article explain why the baking soda deodorant craze should be avoided, and in it, I share a very simple alternative.

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