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Minister Louis Farrakhan Explains What Elijah Muhammad Meant By “White Devils”

Minister Louis Farrakhan student of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches on what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad meant by white devil. Nation of Islam.

MLF: “It does not make any difference sir, what people think of Elijah Muhammad. History and time will be the best judge of that man, and his work and his message.

Irv Kupcinet: Alright, let me take you to another one then because in the Qu’ran it says that all religions, all people of faiths, should work together. That doesn’t quite describe what Muhammad Farrakhan is saying.

MLF: The Qur’an does not use those words.

Irv Kupcinet: No, but that’s the spirit of it. And let me point out one another thing. We have a mutual friend, well, we had a mutual friend in Malcolm X, the late Malcolm X. He went to Mecca, he made the mission to Mecca. Have you been to Mecca?

MLF: Yes I have.

Irv Kupcinet: And there he saw how whites, browns and Blacks all got together, lived in harmony, when he came back he appeared on my show, and he said that gave him a new revelation, and he could not believe in Elijah Muhammad’s philosophy that the white man was a devil. You have not changed very far from Elijah Muhammad philosophy that the white man is the cause of all our trouble, the devil sorta speak. But Malcolm X who is responsible for you being a member of the Nation of Islam is he not? Was he not?

MLF: In one since yes, in another since no.

Irv Kupcinet:He came back and he had a complete different feeling about the Muslim religion

HMLF: Ok let me say this Mr. Kupcinet, that the Qur’an teaches that all men who believe in God and carry into practice the principle of God, are brothers, are believe the same. When Malcolm went to Mecca and saw Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and white working together as brothers in Islam, that is a reality. We recognize that reality, that a white Muslim is our brother in the Faith. As he accepts us as Blacks in the faith. Now Elijah Muhammad when he mentioned the word “Devil”, you have to admit sir that the word “Devil” only means a wicked person. Person of an unrighteous character. With the condition that the world is in today, the nations against each other, people against each other, the pollution, the destruction of human life, that a devil is very present in the world. The Qur’an and the Bible teach that the Devil is necessarily an idea that is opposed to the idea of God. And when people give themselves over to that idea they become manifested as devils in the flesh. And the Qur’an bares witness to that.

Irv Kupcinet: But that’s not what Elijah Muhammad said, He said the White man is the devil. He didn’t say about Black devils or Yellow devils or Brown devils.

MLF: In that time in our development sir, our relationship with white people as you know and the history of Black suffering in America at the hands of white people was such that Elijah Muhammad wanted to present white people with the mirror of their own actions. And when he said that the white man was the devil, he was saying that your actions towards Black People, toward people all over the world and toward poor people is the act of those who are against and contrary to the Will and Law of God.

Irv Kupcinet: Even his son who who followed him as the leader of the other segment, withdrew from that position because he said it was unrealistic. Wallace Mohammed who leads the American Muslim Mission, which supposedly large than your group of Muslims, withdrew from that position that the white man is the devil. He encouraged whites to join hands with him. He encouraged whites to even join the organization if they so choose, to join his religion. And he takes a completely different philosophy than you do and he withdrew from his father’s philosophy.

MLF: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad himself in his last message to us, told us that he did not raise us up to be mockers of any people.White people in particular. He did not want us to use that term “Devil”. As you understand that light vanishes darkness and truth vanishes falsehood. The presence of God negates the presence of the Devil. What i’m advocating today is that God is Present. And I am teaching a teaching that resurrects the power and the spirit of Black people to do for themselves. And when we come into that kind of power, we don’t have to be concerned with devil, we remove essence of devil by destroying the idea upon which devil is constructed.

Irv Kupcinet: How can the Honorable Elijah Muhammad maintain that when he says white men are devils, that’s what he was known for.

MLF: Of course but the actions of white people bore witness that you were contrary to the Laws of God.

Irv Kupcinet: We can’t sweep that clean and say all white men devils and say all Black men are devils

MLF: I understand. But the Honorable Elijah Muhammad did that for a very good reason. Irv Kupcinet:Well the reason was wrong apparently

MLF: No it was not.

Irv Kupcinet: Cause even his son has withdrawn from that posture.

MLF:Well have white people have withdrawn from the posture of the doing of evil? When you withdraw from the posture of the doing of evil, submit your will to do the Will of God–

Irv Kupcinet: Sir are you maintaining that the white people are more or less evil than the Browns or the Blacks or anybody else? Human nature is human nature no matter whom it instills.

MLF: Yes human nature is human nature but the world is not suffering from the evil of Black People. The world is suffering from the evil of European whites and American whites who have oppressed the darker people of the world. We have our share of Black devils too.

Irv Kupcinet: There’s no question about the oppression. We’re not arguing that and that’s a given in our conversation

MLF: Ok then well oppression is evil and that’s the work of Satan

Irv Kupcinet: Satan but not all whites there are so many whites who have helped the Black out. Would you sweep them under the rug? MLF: I could not do that.

(Transcript By Brother Evan X)

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