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Ohio Firefighter States He Would Rather Save A Dog Than A Million NIGGERS

To protect and serve. We put too much trust in those who were built to let us down… but that’s another story. Anyways, a volunteer firefighter in Franklin Township, Ohio is on his way to being fired after a racist Facebook post he made, came to light. 

Tyler Roysdon was anonymously reported for his egregious Facebook post. Roysdon posted:

“One dog is more important than a million n******””:

It hasn’t been confirmed how long the post was online before Township Administrator, Traci Stivers, learned about the post, but Stivers emailed the Chief, and the Chief was aggressive in making sure protocol was followed and action was taken to start the removal of Roysdon from his position.

Now of course Roysdon had his wife reach out to local media outlets in the area, in my opinion, to make her husband look more insane, by saying he is “sorry”.

Fox 19 reports:

A woman by the name of Joei Frame Roysdon has identified herself as his wife and said: “He admitted that he said things that were wrong and apologized.” She went on to say, “Everyone deserves a second chance and is also entitled to their own opinion.”

Is he sorry that he actually has Facebook friends that like black people? Or is he sorry he got caught? What exactly is he sorry about?

September 27th, Roysdon will meet with the Township’s board for a disciplinary hearing. Hopefully, with all the evidence there, he will be removed, and he can continue protecting and serving the dogs that he cares so much about.


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